Will never leave Bigg Boss : Salman Khan

salman-khan-2_660_073113102430Bollywood’s Bhaijan Salman Khan says he will never leave Bigg Boss until the channel asks so .It is the fourth straight time that salman khan is hosting the show.

This is the seventh season of Bigg Boss which will be aired from September 15.

“I am very excited about season seven. I have enjoyed all the seasons so far. It feels like only Colors TV will throw me out now, I will not leave it and will keep on doing it,” the 47-year-old said here Wednesday at the launch of Bigg Boss Season – Saath 7.

This year the show will revolve around the concepts of Heaven and Hell together as it is clear from the promos.

Salman took a shot at the media about this and said, “There is both heaven and hell and both are in me. When it comes to me, I don’t know why do you (journalists) shift towards hell?”

“When it comes to others, they (media) become angels and when it is about me, they become devil,” he added.

104 days , 14 celebrity contestants , one house get ready for the excitement from 15th september.

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