Alyssa Milano Releases ‘Sex Tape’ (Video)

Alyssa Milano‘s getting busy in the bedroom—and the hot and steamy moment was all caught on camera (gasp!).

But before your image of the wholesome star is shattered, let us clarify that the actress is not the latest celeb to be caught in a sex tape scandal.

Instead, she filmed a clip for Funny or Die, in which she attempts to make a sex tape with her hunky man.

While you don’t actually get to see Milano have sex (come one, did you really think that would happen?!), you do get nice close-up of her cleavage as she positions the camera.

Unfortunately, the couple, who is “vacationing” in Cabo is too caught up in the moment, kicking over the camera as they roll around in bed.

Of course, the video camera falls into the perfect position to display the evening news, and instead of watching the lovebirds get it on, we’re left to listen to the newscaster talk about Syria as we hear the twosome giggle under the covers while watching their reflection in the mirror.

All in all, it’s an educational experience.


Watch video here


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2 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano Releases ‘Sex Tape’ (Video)

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