Google shows LG Nexus 5 in Android Kitkat promotional video

Google's LG Nexus 5 leaked in Android 4.4 Kitkat promo video

INTERNET GIANT Google has accidentally provided a glimpse at its next generation Nexus smartphone in a promotional video for its Android 4.4 Kitkat release.

Following the surprise announcement that the next version of android will be called KitKat, Google uploaded a video showing android will be called KitKat off the new chocolate bar themed statue on its lawn, but probably didn’t realise that there was a Nexus 5 in it.

The video, which has since been set to private following the slip-up, shows a Google employee taking snaps with a previously unseen Nexus phone at around the 38 second mark. While the clip doesn’t give too much away, it does show off a Nexus 7 styled handset with an LG logo emblazoned on its rear, all but confirming that the two companies have collaborated again on this year’s Nexus smartphone.

It also shows off a restyled camera lens that Google executive Vic Gundotra had earlier teased will be “insanely great”.

Other than that, we don’t know much, although given the size of the phone we can assume that it will feature a larger display than last year’s Google Nexus 4, which had a 4.7in touchscreen. According to speculation the Nexus 5’s display will measure 5.2in, and the handset reportedly will be powered by a quad-core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. We can also assume that it will be the first device to run Google’s new Android 4.4 Kitkat mobile operating system.

There’s still no word as to when Google will be unveiling the Nexus 5 handset, but if it’s anything like last year’s model it’s likely that Google will launch it in October or November.

Neither Google and LG were immediately available for comment

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