Asaram: A devotee should hand over his wife to his guru!

Charged with sexual abuse of a minor, trouble for Hindu self- god man, Asaram Bapu is only going to increase now. The potency test and health screening test results are also positive defying his statements of being incapable of causing any kind of sexual abuse to anyone.


The inquiry of Asaram who once used to do business of alcohol has just started. And it is this inquiry only that is slowly revealing every wrong acts of Asaram one by one.


However, today we are talking about a book written by Asaram, which reveals facts that will completely stun yo.

This book of Asaram, ‘Shri Gurugita’ has a controversial 38th verse. It is written in the verse that a devotee should donate his body, life and even his wife to his guru.

This Gurugita book can be easily found in the house of any devotee of Asaram. This book is published by Asaram’s ashram only.

The Sanskrit language has also been translated in Gujarati.

Although, it has been some time this book has been published, but it is still in discussion among many.

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